Zeina Mneimneh

Dr. Zeina Mneimneh
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Assistant Research Scientist ISR

Zeina Mneimneh is an Assistant Research Scientist in the Survey Methodology Program within the Survey Research Center, University of Michigan. She holds a PhD in Survey Methodology from University of Michigan. She has more than 15 years of experience in designing, conducting, and overseeing large-scale surveys and is a collaborator in the cross-national World Mental Health survey initiative. Her main operational interests include monitoring surveys using paradata, reducing survey error in conflict-affected settings, and international capacity building. Her main research interests include interview privacy, social desirability effects, adaptive measurement design, interviewer effects, and quality of big data.

Selected publications:

Mneimneh ZN, Axinn, W, Ghimire, D, Cibelli, K, and Al-Kaisy, M (2014). Conducting Surveys in Areas of Armed Conflict. In : Hard-to-Survey Populations. Roger Tourangeau, Brad Edwards, Timothy P. Johnson, Kirk M. Wolter, and Nancy Bates (Eds.). Cambridge University Press, United Kingdom.

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