Program in Survey Methodology: Traineeship Opportunities

The Program in Survey Methodology will consider all applications to the Program in Survey Methodology for traineeship opportunities during the 2018 admissions cycle.  Only MS applicants are eligible for this opportunity.  The traineeship is with the Survey Research Operations (SRO)* unit in the Survey Research Center of the University of Michigan's Institute for Social Research. 

The Full time study traineeship (FTS) provides support for two years of study. The trainee is appointed as a Graduate Student Research Assistant for fall and winter semesters at a 0.5 fraction and at a 1.0 fraction in summer semester. The GSRA appointment provides competitive salary, health care coverage, and tuition for fall and winter semesters. In return, the trainee must be a full time MS student in good standing in the Program in Survey Methodology following a two-year course of study recommended by the Program (graduation April 2020), and must work at SRO for a minimum of two years following graduation (through April 2022).

* Survey Research Operations (SRO) is the main data collection unit within the Survey Research Center (SRC). SRO constitutes over half of SRC, and provides a wide range of survey design, data collection and data processing services. SRO staff members work closely with members of the Survey Methodology Program and incorporate cutting-edge methodology and technical systems into their projects. SRO conducts national surveys as well as small-scale, regional, and methodological surveys.