James Wagner

Email Address: 

Research Associate Professor, ISR, Survey Research Center, Survey Methodology and JPSM, University of Maryland

James Wagner is an Associate Research Professor in the Survey Methodology Program. He received his PhD from the Michigan Program in Survey Methodology in 2008. He has worked on surveys for over 20 years and has extensive experience with sample design. He currently serves as the Chief Mathematical Statistician on the National Survey of Family Growth Continuous 2011-2019.

In addition to sample design, Wagner’s research interests include adaptive survey design to address potential nonresponse biases and indicators of survey data quality.

Recent Publications:

Wagner, J. (forthcoming). “A Comparison of Alternative Indicators for the Risk of Nonresponse Bias.” Public Opinion Quarterly.

Wagner, J. (2010). "The Fraction of Missing Information as a Tool for Monitoring the Quality of Survey Data." Public Opinion Quarterly 74(2): 223-243.

Wagner, J. and T. E. Raghunathan (2010). "A new stopping rule for surveys." Statistics in Medicine 29(9): 1014-1024.

Kreuter, F., K. Olson, J. Wagner, T. Yan, T. M. Ezzati-Rice, C. Casas-Cordero, M. Lemay, A. Peytchev, R. M. Groves and T. E. Raghunathan (2010). "Using proxy measures and other correlates of survey outcomes to adjust for non-response: examples from multiple surveys." Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society) 173(2): 389-407.