Mick Couper

Photograph of Dr. Mick Couper
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Research Professor, ISR

Mick Couper received a PhD in sociology from Rhodes University. His current research interests include survey non-response, design and implementation of survey data collection, effects of technology on the survey process, and computer-assisted interviewing, including both interviewer-administered (CATI and CAPI) and self-administered (Web, audio-CASI, IVR) surveys. Many of his current projects focus on the design of Web surveys.

Research Interests

Nonresponse, measurement error, modes of data collection, Web surveys, use of smartphones in surveys, new technologies, informed consent, administrative record linkage   

Selected Publications

Revilla, M., and Couper, M.P. (2018), “Comparing Grids with Vertical and Horizontal Item-by-item Formats for PCs and Smartphones.” Social Science Computer Review, 36 (3): 349-368.

Couper, M.P. (2017), “New Developments in Survey Data Collection.” In K.S. Cook and D.S. Massey (eds.), Annual Review of Sociology, 43: 121-145.

Couper, M.P., Antoun, C., and Mavletova, A. (2017), “Mobile Web Surveys: A Total Survey Error Perspective.” In P. Biemer, S. Eckman, B. Edwards, E. de Leeuw, F. Kreuter, L. Lyberg, C. Tucker, and B. West (eds.), Total Survey Error in Practice. New York: Wiley, pp. 133-154.

Couper, M.P. (2008), Designing Effective Web Surveys. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Current Research Projects

National Survey of Family Growth, 2011-2019

Understanding household finance through better measurement

Understanding and improving data linkage consent in surveys