Student Experiences

Explore testimonials of our students and recent graduates to see what they have to say about their MPSM experiences.

Iago Santos Muraro

Second Year Master’s Student
When I first started thinking about applying to graduate school, my intention was to expand my knowledge in quantitative methods and statistics in order to be able to critically think about the existing marketing research methodologies and to gain a more holistic perspective about survey research.

Mengyao Hu

PhD '17
I have worked on a lot of different projects throughout the years. Right now, I am working with Brady West. Our project is with USDA and the survey is called the National Food Acquisition Survey. Basically, what I’m doing is analyzing the data and writing papers and getting things published. I have been working on this project for about two years and it’s been a great experience.

Colleen A. McClain

3rd year PhD Student at MPSM
MS from MPSM (previously worked with SoundRocket and NORC at the University of Chicago) Student liaison for MAPOR (Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research)