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SurvMeth 605

Design and Implementation of Web Surveys
Instructor(s): Fred Conrad
3 credits

This is a hands-on course in which small groups of students will develop and deploy a web survey, collect and analyze data from actual respondents, and write a report suitable for a client. Lectures and class discussion will focus on the scientific literature in web survey methodology with a focus on practical implications.

This course is shared between the University of Michigan and the University of Maryland. Students from the two universities will sit in different classrooms but attend the same video-mediated class/lecture.  

This is an integrated undergraduate/graduate course. Students taking the course for graduate credit are assigned additional readings that emphasize the conceptual and theoretical aspects of online survey data collection and are given longer versions of the course quizzes to assess their understanding of these concepts. They will also serve as the leaders of their project groups.

Prerequisites: BSI students at U-M: Must have completed STAT250 or equivalent. Graduate students: must have completed one introductory statistics course
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